Child Savings Account – Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life Insurance Never Has a Negative Return!

This is extremely powerful over time. An Indexed Universal Life policy has 2 differences/benefits (many, really but here are 2) that no other account can match: An annual lock-in and a floor that never lets your investment go negative. With those 2 features alone, you’ll outpace virtually every investment on the market! For parents looking for great place to save for their children, this is ideal. It offers far more than any bank savings account could offer. Plus, it has an additional death benefit attached.

Indexed Universal Life insurance have been virtually overlooked as ideal investments because of the perception that it’s “life insurance”. However, this is only one small part of the power of Indexed Universal Life insurance. An IUL policy has more living benefits than the actual death benefit that is also attached to the investment.

An IUL policy is designed as a permanent cash-value life insurance product that is designed to outperform Whole Life and Universal Life without the catastrophic downside risk. In fact, zero downside risk! IUL policies are linked to major market indexes like the S&P 500 or a foreign index or a combination thereof, but your money is never in the market. The insurance carrier bears all the risk. Most policies have a guaranteed rate of around 3% and the non-guaranteed rate which is tied to the market index you choose and some are actually uncapped. Meaning, your able to earn unlimited gains. If the market index is negative for the year, your downside protection within the IUL policy will protect you from these losses. However, you also benefit from any positive market returns each year. Never a negative return is a powerful way to build a retirement account at any age! Depending upon the carrier, the guaranteed return on these policies is usually 3% while the cap each year is around 15%. Some carriers have no caps on what you can earn (call us for those).

Whether you’re looking for a policy for your children or you’re in your 20′s or 30′s and beginning to save for retirement, we’ll build you a custom policy from a top rated insurance company. We’ll search the market for you and build a unique policy that meets the guidelines and performance you’re searching for!

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