About Us

Who We Are Schneider & Tearmann Group?? is a team of licensed insurance agents all proud members of Legacy Secure. We have Legacy Agents throughout the United States ready to provide you with solutions to meet or exceed your financial goals.

Unlike most financial institutions offering complex financial instruments, products or investments, the Legacy difference is we take tremendous pride in presenting these concepts and strategies in plain English.

Building, preserving and perpetuating your personal legacy is something that you work on over your entire lifetime!

Life should not be a race and no matter how young or how old you are it is never too early or too late to begin planning or to protect and enhance what you???ve already achieved financially!

What We Do Schneider & Tearmann Group?? financial services agency is focused on serving people that want to grow, protect, preserve and perpetuate their financial Legacy. Our goal is to offer protection in final expenses, retirement & pre-retirement, and reduce the tax burden by protecting your legacy.

We accomplish this through our field force of Legacy Agents meeting people one-on-one to tailor a specific plan to meet your goals. Financial security should not be a ???one-size-fits-all??? approach.

Our field force of Legacy Agents is growing; as part of that growth our goal as a managing agency is to keep our team of agents educated in the latest financial products to ensure our clients remain on the cutting edge of achieving their financial goals.

Why Our Agency A major distinguishing factor that differentiates our agency from others is we are ???independent??? and a privately owned organization that represents dozens of highly rated insurance companies. In other words, we do not solely represent one large company offering one particular insurance or investment product.

Our team of Legacy Agents based on your needs or your interest, offer a host of different insurance programs and financial solutions; so we also go the extra mile by ???shopping??? and comparing companies for you! You are never pressured into buying anything and there is no cost or obligation. We move at your pace.

Many of the insurance programs and financial strategies offered by our team of Legacy Agents can be handled face-to-face in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We try to make it as painless as possible for you and respect your privacy.

In our experience there is still nothing that can compare or replace a real face-to-face conversation, plus it doesn???t cost you anything. We have found that sitting down with folks after an initial phone conversation seems to work the best, but that???s up to you. You decide if or how you want to proceed.

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