Payroll & HR

Our partner payroll company is a nationally recognized provider of Human Resources, Payroll Services, and Benefits Administration Technology and Services. Thousands of companies across the United States rely on us to achieve their business goals and surpass expectations.

Successful businesses learn to automate, organize, streamline, and customize their workflow to promote efficiency. Payroll Services, Human Resource Management, and Benefits Administration are strategic elements in any large or small business and keys to creating the order and balance necessary to promote growth and stability in today’s evolving business environment. Our vender’s 5-Star rated Workforce Empowermenttm is a singe-database system integrating these strategic elements in a licensed or SaaS environment. Scalable technology and expert professional services help thousands of companies achieve their business goals and surpass expectations.

With more than 20 years of experience and recognition as an industry leader, our partner company’s Benefit Administration services expertly navigate complicated, ever-changing regulations to businesses in compliance, making us the choice provider for some of the largest, most recognizable organizations in the US. COBRA, FSA, HSA, HRA, and premium billing are offered with innovation, personalized service, available as stand-alone products or fully integrated into Workforce Empowermenttm.

Payroll Services

    • Automated Export/Import of Hours
    • Web Input & Reporting
    • Employee & Manager Self Service
    • 24/7 Access to 100′s of Reports
Tax Management Service

    • Tax Payments & Filing
    • EFTPS
    • Federal, State & Local Annual Reporting (W-2, 1099, 940, etc.)
Workers Compensation Insurance

    • Policy Management & Implementation
    • Claims Management and Reporting


Human Resource Services
Human Resource On-Demand

    • On-Line HR – 24/7 Web Based Support
    • Phone HR – Directly Speak to HR Pros
    • Live HR – A Dedicated On-Site HR Pro

Human Resource Support Center

    • Recruiting – Web-Based Applications
    • Background Checks & Drug Screens
    • HIPPA & COBRA Compliance
    • Web Based Training Modules
    • Employee Handbook
    • Assistance Exit Interviews

Human Resource Tools

    • Forms Libraries
    • Personnel Forms
    • Risk Management Planning
Technology – Web Portal

  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Application Track
  • Web Time Clock
  • Expense Track

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