Amazing Annuities Basics 101: Fixed, Fixed Index, Immediate, and Variable Annuities

Learn the difference between the four basic types of annuities. Stop being scared away from safer money strategies by misrepresentations by stock, bond, and mutual fund sellers. If you don't have some safer money protected from the next market downturn, this article is a must read. Reduce your risk now before the next big market bust. read more

Interchange Plus Vs Tiered Credit Card Processing Pricing

  By Ben Dwyer Merchant account pricing can be categorized as pass-through, bundled or a mix of both. Pass-through pricing is the most transparent, flexible and least expensive form of pricing. Bundled and mixed pricing models, although currently more prominent in the marketplace, are opaque and result in inconsistent and often greater processing costs. Pass-through [...] read more

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Tax-Free Retirement Approach – Life Living Benefits

With all of the problems in the world, how is one to suppose to plan for their retirement savings. There are many ways to go but most of the options have to choose from offer some type of risk associated with it. What if I was to ask you to stop contributing to your 401k, [...] read more

Small Business Payroll Solutions

By Andrew Stratton If you were to gather a room full of small to medium sized business owners and ask them what task they least like and understand, payroll would be at the top of the list for almost everyone in the room. Because most business owners are not accountants and were not math majors [...] read more

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Idiot Proof Investing – Annuities and Life Insurance

If you are one of the many people that invest in a 401k, Ira, mutual fund, stocks and bonds for your retirement plan you may have not heard of the benefits and features of certain annuities and indexed universal life insurance. Most savings and investment products have risk and fees associated with them. Down markets [...] read more

The Differences Between Debit and Credit Card Processing

By Steve Dowell Consumers From a consumer perspective, when you make a purchase with a bank card, the funds come directly from the account that the card is linked to, be that a savings, line of credit or checking account. Regardless of whether you choose debit or credit when you make your purchase the money [...] read more

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Working Capital: Financial Options For Small Businesses

  By Marco Terry Introduction Large companies have always had a number of options that they could depend on to raise capital for their businesses. The have always had access to a number of alternatives such as selling stock, issuing bonds, bank loans and accounts receivable financing among others. Looking at the other side of [...] read more

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